Bring people where they want to go.Be the notification with:
appointment viewing,
and text reminders.

Simplify the journey of your audience with a website you love.Own your online presence with:
a web store,
membership site, and
content paywalls.

No matter where you're social, they'll discover you.Provide one central hub for:
a YouTube Channel,
Twitter Subscribers,
Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and
all your content.

Give Your Audience a Home.

In a digital world teeming with noise, your website should be a serene space that allows your fans to effortlessly find and follow you.

Web Design

Custom website design that embodies your brand and gathers all your social followers in one accessible hub.

Own Your Online Presense.


Establish your own revenue stream with an online store and membership site. Don't depend only on social media monetization.YOU'RE IN CONTROL.

Domain + Email

From domain URLs to professional email lists, take the reins of your communication channels. Ensure your message reaches your audience.

Never Get Lost in the Feed Again.

Maintenance + SEO

Ongoing website updates and search engine optimization. Make sure your site remains easy to find and follow.GET FOUND IN THE NOISE.

Online Booking

Simplify your client's journey with easy-to-use appointment systems. No more missed bookings.SIMPLIFY YOUR SERVICES.


AI-produced content, edited by a human to fit your voice for quicker turnaround times and adaptable messaging.

Be Heard Clearly & Quickly.

Photo & Video

Offering product and lifestyle photography, personal branding photoshoots, portraiture, and interview-style video services.PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY.

AI Artwork

Fast, on-brand visual graphics generated using AI. Personalized and adjustable to fit your brand's aesthetic.

Inspiring Graphics.

Perfect Platform, Perfect Match

Full Transparency Disclaimer: The links provided to the platforms below are affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase through them. However, please know that I recommend and link to these platforms based on my genuine experience and belief in their value. I've personally used them, found them beneficial for specific use cases, and sought out partnerships independently. This support helps me continue to provide valuable content and services, and I encourage you to explore and decide on the platform that's best suited for your unique needs.

Shopify: E-commerce first, but not much more.

A powerhouse for brands and makers with a product-driven model, Shopify's e-commerce tools are unparalleled. While ideal for small businesses and brick-and-morter thriving on product sales, it doesn't cater as strongly to content-centric creators due to its below-average non-ecommerce tools.Best For
• Product-based brands and creators
• Makers and small businesses prioritizing sales
Not Recommended
• Content-based creators such as vloggers, bloggers, and photographers.
• Service-based businesses like coaches, HMUA, and consultants.

Squarespace: A Versatile All-Arounder.

Although it can quickly become quite expensive, Squarespace provides a suite of seamlessly integrated features eliminating the need for external apps. It's perfect for those who want a mix of content creation with features like blogging, membership sites, paywalls, appointment bookings, and e-commerce.Best For
• Bloggers and vloggers
• Service-oriented small businesses and coaches
• Artists, musicians, and bands
• Niche brands or makers looking to grow their following
Not Recommended
• Single-product stores or landing pages

Carrd: Your Online Business Card.

Simple, affordable, and effective, Carrd serves as a remarkable tool for individuals wanting a compact online presence. While its basic offerings are perfect for those looking for leads, extending its functionalities may require additional plugins.Best For
• Single-product landing pages
• Portfolios and entrepreneurs
• Events, tours, launches, and pop-ups
Not Recommended
• Content-based, product-based, or service-based creators and makers.

Framer: Most dynamic & Future-Focused.

For those craving a distinctive website, Framer offers custom animations and the ability to create standout designs. It’s not just a tool but a future-focused platform integrating AI, promising to redefine the web hosting realm. While perfect for information-centric websites now, its potential is vast as it matures.Best For
• Interactive portfolio sites
• Tech-based businesses
• Custom landing pages
Not Recommended
• Product-based businesses
• Content creators

Unlock Your Website's Potential!

Discover how to elevate your online presence with a FREE website audit!

Here's what you get:Insightful Feedback: Learn where your site shines and where it could use some improvement.Optimization Strategies: Get actionable steps to enhance your site’s performance and user experience.Exposure: With your consent, your website could be featured on my YouTube and Twitter channels. A great way to get extra visibility!Interested? Tweet me your website or landing page along with a question. I'm happy to help you stand out online!


• Personal Work: Unsplash
• Portfolio: Instagram
Wedding & Portrait Photography Archive
• Latest projects: Twitter/X
Available Prints & Services below

A.S. in Professional Photography, 2006
Other Photo Workshops, '05-'19
RMSP Summer Intensive, 2016
Full-time wedding photographer 2016-2022
I now work freelance, project-to-project.
Reach out with your ideas!

New Hampshire Folded Cards
4 Card Multi-Pack

A package of four different folded cards wrapped in twine featuring beautiful New Hampshire photographs by Cate Bligh.Included:
• Four folded cards, blank inside
• Four white envelopes
• Folded size: 4"x5.5"
Four unique and beautiful New Hampshire landscape photographs:
– Basin Pond
– Nancy Cascade (shown)
– Loverens Mill Preserve
– Alpine Flowers, Mount Madison

$10 + shipping

New Hampshire Fall Foliage Guided Tours

Discover the White Mountains' autumn splendor with personalized 2024 Photo Tours. Key highlights include:Locals Knowledge:
Hidden gems: Uncover lesser-known spots for unique shots.
Iconic spots: Visit the most picturesque, renowned scenes.
Timing: We will visit during the best times to avoid crowds and capture nature's beauty.
I'm just one person, so reserve your spot, let's bring your vision to life! Share your ideas and reach out through the contact form below ↓ or reach out to me on X.

All Photographers, Drones Operators, Videographers, Hobbiests, Pros, & Content Creators are welcome!

New Hampshire

I'm interested in offering visitors to the White Mountains National Forest in New Hampshire:• personalized itineraries
• guided photo tours
• content creator experiences
• and more
Reach out to me with your ideas!Visit my Leaf Peeper blog here

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